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TheOffTopic Guy
Mar 16, 2019
In Buying Requests
I'll be needing some Beyblades of burst gen so can anybody arrange these with original parts in some discount price : 1. Archer Hercules 2. Reveive Pheonix 3. Winning Valkyrie 4. Z Achilles 5. Legend Spriggan 5. Nightmare Longinus 6. Cho-z Valkyrie 7. Cho-z Achiiles 8. Bloody Longinus 9. Giest Fafnir 10. And also the Random Booster Vol.12 with a good bey like Dead Hades, Garuda, Hell Salamander, Deep Chaos, Shelter Regulus or Beat Kulkulcan. So can someone please arrange these Beyblades for me to buy till 31st of May, 2019. Another thing is that iam not sure of buying so if anybody wants to sell plsplspls comment the price and stuuf and ill choose if i want to buy.

TheOffTopic Guy

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