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Beyblade Burst Super Z Episode #42 (January 21, 2019)



42) Battle Royal! A Strategy for a Great Battle!


Aiga gets hyper to fight against Phi who destroyed Hades. At such time, Shinoda Gakuen gave a two-stage stadium for the special training of Aiga. Aiga who start battle royal with six Bladers at U.S. Komaki Gakuen. Prior to the rivals who started Beyblade, Aiga returns to the beginning. The battle with the friends who have become stronger together will pose a big challenge to the bond between Aiga and Achilles! ?



First they have the battle Royale between Aiga, Fubuki, Ranjiro, Suoh, Toko, and Koji. Aiga puts Achilles is a medium height attack mode. Suoh puts Salamander in attack mode. They all launch, and Achilles ability activates. Ragnurak and Forneus battle for the center, while Aiga knocks out Koji's bey by using the rail rush slope. Achilles and Salamander head for each other but Trident takes the hit and falls to the lower level. Emperor Crash and Ragnurak Storm collide and Ragnurak is knocked out. Salamander uses Wrath of the Flaming Tornado knocking Forneus out. Achilles then attacks Salamander with Super Z Shoot making it fly into air and falls down on the lower level. It uses a big slope to get back to the top level and unleashes Sword Rebellion Hell Slash. It knocks Achilles to the lower level but it also uses the big slope, BUT IT FLIES TO FAR AND GETS A SELF STADIUM OUT. Trident and Salamander are left and Trident absorbs its attacks with it's rubber. It finally shows its avatar and it uses Screw Counter, making Salamander lose all of its stamina. Toko wins and Suoh shakes his hand.

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