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Sun, 07 May


D8, Gali No. 17

Thakela Burst Ka Mela 7th May 2023 Basic Grade Noida

Have you been wanting to play the real burst Beyblade game for a long time ? Its been ages since u saw the last burst ? Well then worry not dear Friends! Yoginstinct brings you a duel layer based BASIC GRADE EVENT FROM IBA! Hello people ! we have made some awesome changes to burst basic grade!

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Thakela Burst Ka Mela 7th May 2023 Basic Grade Noida
Thakela Burst Ka Mela 7th May 2023 Basic Grade Noida

Time & Location

07 May 2023, 10:00 am

D8, Gali No. 17, D8, Gali No. 17, Hindan Vihar, Hindon Vihar, Baraula, Sector 49, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301, India


About the event

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Hello people ! we have made some awesome changes to burst basic grade! to bring back the fun of original game of burst we are going to make it more fun and make it more awesome by restricting a few addons that Takaratomy has been kept adding to make the META too stale!

Visit the new updated rulebook here : CLICK HERE

1. Layer restrictions :

we had few god layers and other layers keep sprinting in and out in tournaments for testing however we found that it was again being too powerful! So we decided to only keep duel layer system layers in this format therefore banning any other layer from any other series! with Lost longinus still on BAN due to over-spam , there are few remake layers that have been allowed the layers were only allowed that did not feature a metal component on the layer, or crossing the average size of the duel layer system.

the allowed remakes are:

A. Driger Slash,

B. Dranzer Spiral,

C. Dragoon Storm,

D. Draciel Shield,

E. Wolborg,

F. Dragoon Fantom,

G. Dranzer Flame,

H.Driger Fang.

2. Driver BANS -

the driver have always played a key role in driving the meta forward, therefore to bring the original meta back we decided to stick to the basics! after careful decision making we concluded to ban all DASH STAMINA , DASH DEFENCE, DASH BALANCE, HIGH , HIGH DASH, METAL ,electronic and MUGEN drivers.

however do not get angry just yet not all of the Dash attack drivers made it past the BAN List ! only 13 dash attack drivers were selected to be allowed for basic grade.

Allowed dash drivers are as follows :

1.Performance Tip - Accel'

2. Performance Tip - Assault'

3.Performance Tip - Blow'

4.Performance Tip - Hold'

5.Performance Tip - Hunter'

6.Performance Tip - Jaggy'

7.Performance Tip - Jolt'

8.Performance Tip - Operate'

9. Performance Tip - Spiral'

10. Performance Tip - Sword'

11.Performance Tip - Variable'

12.Performance Tip - Xtreme'

13.Performance Tip - Zephyr'

3. Driver new releases banned

with recent new beyblade products coming in to INDIA by HASBRO we decided to not allow HASBRO drivers into BASIC grade as they were completely overpowered in this grade,

Electronic Performance Tips, Sling shock Performance Tips, Hypersphere Performance Tips, Speed storm Performance Tips, Quad Drive/Strike Performance Tips have been banned!

4. Launcher Bans!

due to many new releases in launchers basic grade became too overpowered due to the amazing potential of new launchers however they were not meant to be used like that so to bring the nostalgia here is the list of approved launchers for basic Grade:

1. Basic Right/Left BeyLauncher (Burst) single String launchers.

2. Ripcord launchers

3. Dual L/R String and ripcord launchers.

4. Sword launchers (digital/normal).

with this we look forward to how your combinations are put across and how exciting it gets for you to decide your combos ! however you can always leave your comments and suggestions for the new changes ! Keep beyblade and keep having Fun!

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